Introducing Bolden Vodka

Distilled from 100% grain in the heart of New Orleans, Bolden Vodka captures the purity of spirit without sacrificing quality.

Here in New Orleans, we’ve taken the time to perfect a lot of things. The art of the perfect roux, proper second line footwork, a tight drumline and a killer Mardi Gras costume all take time, patience and expertise.


Our approach to distillation is no different. No neutral grain spirits, no shortcuts and no additives. We believe that if we are going to take the time to perfect the rest, then our spirits and those whom consume them deserve that much love and dedication too.


Made in the heart of New Orleans, Bolden Vodka exists as the alternative to shortcuts in an industry defined by smoke and mirrors. Because we don’t take any in producing it. Bolden is born from the simplest time-tested recipe: 100% grain, water, patience. Column distilled, done right the first time. Bolden Vodka will redefine what you expect from American vodka – a real and authentic spirit made by real people.


From the moment grain arrives in our distillery until the last drop is sealed in glass, our commitment to elevating the status quo in vodka production will remain. Made with the care and love of whisky, Bolden Vodka aims to deliver an evocative world class spirits experience.


Merci. Gracias. Cheers. Thanks y’all.